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Ballantyne will continue development over many years. Ballantyne Reimagined includes strategic phasing of new growth as opportunities are identified and considered. While elements of the plan may evolve, the vision anticipates needs based on future demand indicators. 

Phase I (5-6 Years from 2021)

Primarily located behind The Ballantyne, and to include retail street and stream park area, as well as urban residential and retail uses.

  • Residential – 1,030 multifamily units
  • Retail/Restaurant/Grocery – 300,000 square feet within entire mixed-use community (possible grocery use along North Community House Road)
  • Hospitality – 200 hotel rooms
  • Amphitheater and surrounding area for a variety of activities, including concerts, festivals, performances and farmers markets
  • Significant parks/open space and connection to greenway

Phase II (6-12 Year Period) 

Primarily expected to occur mostly east of Phase I development, while providing flexibility in allowing portions of this development to occur on the west side of U.S. 521.

  • Residential – 1,030 multifamily units; 300 townhomes
  • Office – 400,000 square feet

Future Phase (Phase III)

If light rail or other major transportation improvements were to come to Ballantyne, other potential developments might be available upon further study.