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The demographic information provided here illustrates the diverse, highly educated and creative talent pool who finds Ballantyne a desirable destination.


Elementary, Middle & High School in county school system


of Charlotte MSA Households (over half a million people) live within 10 miles of Ballantyne


Millennials live within 10 miles of Ballantyne
  • The fastest population growth in greater Charlotte region is occurring in South Charlotte, where the local growth rate has increased by 69% since 2001, which is twice the rate of the overall Charlotte MSA, almost three times the state’s and four times the national growth rate
  • Ballantyne population growth leads South Charlotte region
  • Of the 148,000 who have moved to South Charlotte since 2001, 50% are non-white or Hispanic
  • 60% of residents within 5 miles of Ballantyne have a bachelors degree or higher
  • The Ballantyne zip code has the highest number of adults working within the Information and Science/Technology sectors
  • The fastest population and household growth within Charlotte today is occurring within a 10-mile ring of Ballantyne, where the local growth rate is projected to be 2.4% annually through 2020, which is 50% faster than the overall Charlotte MSA, double the state’s and more than triple the national growth rate