Ballantyne is Buzzing

Northwood Office has installed three honeybee hives in Ballantyne’s Backyard as part of its sustainability efforts. In 2021, the first honey harvest produced 20 gallons, or 240 pounds, of wildflower honey.  

The hives are maintained by certified beekeeper Robert Suydam of the Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association (MCBA). During the summer, the hives housed a total of 180,000 honeybees.   

“Ballantyne’s Backyard offers a unique opportunity to showcase our commitment to sustainability and green space,” says Paul Cattieu director of sustainability at Northwood Office. “Northwood recognizes the important role of honeybees in our ecosystem and is proud to provide a safe space for them to thrive.”  

Read more about Ballantyne’s honeybees in Ballantyne Magazine.

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