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Northwood has partnered with renowned experts to ensure Ballantyne Reimagined establishes a new standard for place. The group’s collective creativity, prowess and penchant for designing thoughtful experiences is indicative in the detailed planning behind Ballantyne Reimagined. 

Northwood Investors is a privately-held real estate investment advisor that was founded in 2006. Northwood employs a fundamental, value-driven investment strategy with a longer-term outlook. Northwood invests alongside institutional and private clients in a broad range of real estate and real estate-related investment opportunities globally, with approximately $7.4 billion of assets under management. Northwood currently owns and manages a diverse portfolio of real estate assets including hospitality, office, retail, residential and industrial properties. With a hands-on asset management approach, the firm has established operating platforms, including Northwood Office, Northwood Hospitality, Northwood Retail and Northwood Ravin. Committed to creating and sustaining environments that inspire by focusing on quality, productivity, flexibility and community, Northwood is elevating Ballantyne’s vision to make life better.


We dig deep into the details but are never lost in the weeds. 
LandDesign is a collaborative group of landscape architects, civil engineers, planners and urban designers that approaches projects with unique expertise and diverse perspectives, but with a shared goal to create places that matter. For 41 years, our uncompromising passion for what we do has characterized our people and our work. Headquartered in Charlotte, our organization of over 150 professionals also has offices in Washington DC; Dallas, TX; Orlando, FL; San Francisco, CA; and Boulder, CO. All employees are fully linked to foster collaborative efforts that take advantage of the firm’s combined expertise and experience to meet each client’s individual needs through reasoned solutions.  


Charlotte-based Design Resource Group (DRG) is a fully-integrated and diverse design team composed of landscape architects, civil engineers and transportation planners. Founded in 1992, DRG has extensive experience in higher-density housing forms and integrating the technical and aesthetic aspects of complex residential and mixed-use projects into the urban fabric. DRG also works with many different typologies on the land, including commercial developments, institutional, educational, green spaces and other forms of housing. DRG’s experience and cross-collaborative approach allow it to help create a client’s vision while successfully navigating through some of the more complex design considerations and challenges of each unique project. 


Sasaki is an interdisciplinary collaborative of innovative minds, comprising planning, landscape architecture, ecology, urban design, architecture, graphic design, civil engineering and software development. 

Sasaki’s work, which spans disciplines, geographies and scales, has been recognized with over 700 local, regional, national and international design awards. This recognition of our work is a testament to the potential of strong partnerships with forward-looking clients and the successful collaboration among a team of innovative design thinkers. 


505Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Boulder, Colorado. We pursue stories that emotionally resonate with people and embody their aspirations. These stories and our ability to translate the narrative create meaningful experiences that differentiate our clients’ brands. We are the people who ask the really hard questions, followed by the painfully obvious ones. We talk, listen, observe, dig, dive, and mine until we fully understand the intricacies of a project. We like to say it’s not what we know; it’s what we notice. Somewhere, the most authentic expression of a project is waiting to be discovered.

Our Firm’s Services Include – Project Visioning, Architecture,  Planning, Interior Design, Urban Interiors + Streetscapes, Identity Development, , Logo + Graphic Design & Environmental Graphic Design.